Brixton UTR / Curt Most Improved for Term 3

The first Brixton/Kalamunda UTR event has just been completed at the Kalamunda Tennis Club and was a big success. Over 200 matches and very competitive ones at that. It was wonderful to see so many people competing at an event again and so many happy faces!

Thanks goes out to Tate, John, Dan, Dragan, Talia, Dylan, the Kalamunda Tennis Club - and all the other folks who helped us put together the great event.

Special thanks to Dan for the sit-ups with Christopher to help the little guy build his 6 pack ;-)

And well done to Lucius for competing in his first ever tournament!

We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate Curt for winning the coveted prize "Most Improved Brixtonator" for Term 3, 2020 - awesome job Curt!

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