Holiday results; and Daniel, Casey and Talia get world junior rankings.

As we say goodbye to the Gold Coast, Daniel, Casey and Talia all return to Perth on the 20th having gained ITF junior world rankings in what has been an outstanding tour in QLD. All three scored multiple impressive wins along the way (and a little bit of beach time as well).

Well done all three for a significant achievement!

At home the Brixton Team put in a very solid performance over the 3 partially incomplete holiday tournaments and recorded multiple improved results that included 5 singles semis, 10 singles quarters, 3 doubles wins/or finals, 2 x 12s conso wins (by 10 year olds), and multiple conso finals, semis and quarters.

Great job team and we are looking forward to working on what we learned from our experiences!

A full list of results includes:

Alex Park Silver

Mauhan 3rd 12s singles, won doubles

Rijad quarters 12s singles

Yangho quarters 12s singles

Rijad and Yangho 2nd 12s doubles

Cameron quarters 14s singles and doubles

Stephanie semis 10s singles

Yuvi quarters 12s singles

Gabrielle 12s doubles semis

Gayle 14s doubles semis

(Consos were abandoned)

Supertars Gold

Andreas won conso 10s singles

Mauhan 3rd 12s singles and semis doubles

Dylan quarters 12s singles

Yangho won conso 12s singles

Cameron quarters 14s singles

Stephanie semis 10s singles

Tara won conso 12s singles

Yuvi conso final 12s singles

Gayle quarters 14s singles

Coastal Classic Gold

Andreas quarters 10s singles, doubles semis

Sehun conso final 10s singles (abandoned)

Mauhan 3rd 12s singles, semis doubles (abandoned)

Dylan, Rijad, Yangho conso quarters 12s singles (abandoned)

Cameron quarters 14s singles

Yuvi quarters 12 singles

Gayle conso semi 14s singles, final doubles (abandoned)

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