Winter Success

At the Silver Swift AMT:

Daniel came runner up in the singles and doubles with Alex. Daniel's results at AMT level are becoming consistent and his top AR of 97 is at a peak. Well done Daniel and keep up the good work on and off the court.

At Mt Lawley:

Stephanie came 3rd in the 10s singles and won the doubles.

Tara had match points in the final of the 12s singles but came second in what will be an important lesson for her development - back yourselves and go for your shots under pressure kids!

Jaun came 3rd in the 12s singles and came 2nd in the doubles with Tara.

Gayle won the 14s doubles - great job Gayle! ;-)

Felix came 2nd in the 16s doubles and has won his first singles matches in AR tournaments - big steps for Felix and we are all supporting you mate!

Dylan and Yangho made 14s doubles semis.

At Kalamunda:

Stephanie won the 10s singles in a repeat - well done Steph! ...and she also came runner up in the doubs!

Tara won the 12s singles and came 2nd in the doubles - great job Tara!

Jaun made semis trying to play more attacking which is costing her in the short run but will see her evolve her game - courageous choice which we all support Jaun!

Gayle came 3rd in the 14s singles and won the doubles ;-)

Felix came 3rd in the 16s singles.

Yangho made 14s singles semis and doubles final with Dylan and continues to show steady progress though his new age group - well done Yangho we look forward to helping you take your next step in the 14s!

At the Gold:

Jaun came 4th in the 12s singles and runner up in the doubs with Tara - good consistent performances girls!

Cedric made 10s semis in a step up performance - well done Cedric!

Gayla won the 14s doubles - her comeback to performance tennis keeps gathering momentum - we are proud of her return.

Term 3 training starts from Sat 27th and we are looking forward to embracing lessons learned and gathering momentum for the spring and summer.

A special thanks goes out to the Brixton Kalamunda Team for putting together yet another successful event!

We hope the school term starts off well and see everyone soon!

Tate John Dan

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