12s and 16s Nationals

Week 3 of December Showdown saw 5 Brixtonators compete in the 12s and 16s Nationals.

In the 12s:

Tara at 10 years old finished 44th in the 12s.

Yangho made the round of 32 and finished 31st overall.

Dylan lost 3 matches then won three matches to finish 56th.

All three players learned valuable lessons about how to win matches at the national level in the coming years.

In the 16s:

Casey made the round of 16 and lost in the conso quarters to finish 14th.

Talia lost to the number 1 seed in the round of 16, then won 4 more matches in the conso to finish 9th.

Well done to all for either gaining direct acceptance or qualifying for this prestigious event. Many coaches nationally complimented the children on their behaviour on and off court and acknowledged the significance of 5 players from one club competing at the Showdown.

...And also, importantly, we would all like to thank Sehun for practising with everyone throughout the week and supporting everyone in their matches! ;-)

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