School Awards and December Showdown

Brixton student-athletes have a strong academic tradition. We would like to acknowledge some recent school awards:

Daniel received the SIDE ADF Award for Leadership - nice honour Daniel.

Talia received the Elite Performance Award at Applecross and was awarded 'Top of Her Class' - congratulations Talia.

Zac received the 'Most Improved Player" award at Applecross - great job Zac.

We are proud of all of the Brixton players who achieve high academic standards.

And also - 5 Brixtonators are soon heading to Melbourne Park with Tate to compete in the December Showdown! The brixtonators had an outstanding run at the recent W.A. qualifying event at the State Tennis Centre:

Tara, Yangho and Dylan qualified for the 12s

Yangho has also been selected for the 12s State Teams - well done Yangho!

Talia gained direct acceptance into the 14s, the 14s State Team, and qualified for the 16s.

Casey qualified for the 16s.

December Showdown is a great learning experience for all and we wish everyone the very best of luck when they are competing.

Term 4 training and summer competition planning is progressing well - everyone keep up the great work!

Tate and John

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