July 2017 Tournaments

Talia Gibson and Casey Tay made their 4th consecutive14s singles final at the Brixton event held at Guilford Grammer school and their 5th at Sorrento trading wins. They also won the doubles at all three July events. Gayle Leong found the winner's circle at Guilford in the 12s singles and doubles. Other results from the holiday are as follows:

Results Summary from the July holidays


Casey 1st 14s singles

Talia 2nd 14s singles

Casey and Talia won doubles

Gayle won 12s singles

Gayle and Tara won 12s doubles defeating Gabby and Yuvi in an all Brixton Final

Nathan Tawa won 14s doubles

Mauhan 4th 12s singles

Cameron 4th 14s singles, double semis

Milla 10s singles semis


Talia 1st, 14s singes

Casey 2nd 14s singles,

Casey and Talia won doubles

Mauhan Nen 12s doubles semis

Jaun 10s doubles semis


Mauhan Nen 2nd 12s doubles

Abigael 2nd 10s singles


Casey 2nd 14s singles, Talia 4th, they won doubles

Gayle 7th 12s singles

Mauhan 7th 12s singles

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