Brixton Tennis provides a complete tennis management service facilitating aspiring tennis players to build the necessary skills to compete at State, National, College, ITF, ATP or WTA level.


With the most qualified private sector staff in WA, Brixton Tennis provides a comprehensive, child-safe training environment that addresses:


Skill Acquisition / Injury Prevention

Training / Competition Volume and Scheduling

Physical / Psychological Conditioning

Tournament / Match Day Preparation

Match Observation / Analysis


Parent Education
Stringing / 
Equipment Advice

...and more.


Multiple coaching inputs create more problems than they solve. This is widely supported by research. Parents are the most important partner in the development process. We can provide the information a parent needs to create an elite-athlete home environment including nutrition, recovery and so on, but as most parents are not coaches themselves, we seek to help them not to have to blend those roles. 


30 years of learning and experimenting with various teaching methods has led us to the process we now employ; combining specific volume and competitive instruction in a collective training environment after observing enough tournament play to know how players need to improve their response to competitive situations.


Almost universally children have moments where coaching has a maximum value. These moments are situational and somewhat random. Responding to that we have established a training environment which mirrors various aspects of the game. We observe performance in these specific playing situations, look for recurrent and/or unacceptable lack of skill and focus on correction at a rate the player can apply.


Private instruction is utilised on a case-by-case basis to address issues that for some reason or other can not be addressed in the collective environment, however beyond that we believe it is of limited value to the developmental player and better suited to the raw beginner and the adult social player.

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